Premier Self Storage - Moving Tips

At Premier Self Storage, we want your storage experience to go as smooth as possible. We hope these moving tips may help you:

  • Create a list of the items you store;
  • Remove table legs to save space;
  • Stack chairs seat to seat with a protective cloth or paper between them;
  • Pack boxes completely to prevent collapsing and tipping;
  • Wrap valuables with appropriate packing materials, newspaper ink can stain;
  • Use a quality lock to secure your storage space;
  • Use furniture and mattress covers for protection;
  • Seal boxes with tape for better protection;
  • Label boxes clearly for easy reference;
  • Organize boxes based upon potential future need of access;
  • Never store perishable items such as food;
  • Do not store combustible or hazardous items;
  • Remember to drain fuel from gasoline engines before storing;
  • Leave appliance and equipment doors open slightly. Drain your appliances so they are lighter to handle;
  • Wardrobe boxes — allow for clothing to be hung, saving the garments. Leave smaller clothing items in drawers to save space;
  • Use original boxes, if available, for electronics and other fragile items;
  • Fill in empty spaces with paper to prevent boxes from folding;
  • Property should not be leaned against the walls of your storage unit. If packed items can not be stored upright, place a hard material (such as a board) between unit wall and stored item;
  • Boxes should be stacked only to a height where they can be reached easily. Over stacking can be dangerous to you and others;
  • Leave an access aisle down the middle of the unit for ease of access to all stored items;
  • Insuring your property is your sole responsibility. Check with your insurance carrier for coverage. We are not responsible for damaged property.